Po Box 577423 Modesto, Ca 95357



209-495-7031 — 209-602-9644

Our Mission: “To bring the community together so our younger generation’s can learn and experience the multi-culture in our community and society”

The Fiji Social Cultural Association (FSCA) is a non-profit group based out of Modesto, CA. Our main goal is to educate the younger generations of our multi-cultural society so that our heritage and culture won’t be forgotten. Gaining the knowledge of our heritage, our generations can pass this knowledge onto generations to follow. FSCA hosts many events throughout the year and we support many other organizations to help their causes as well.

One event that FSCA host every year is the Modesto Fiji Festival. This is the biggest event we host. This event brings our local community and those from other areas to experience the culture of Fiji. We have variety of food vendors to showcase the taste of Fiji. We also have retail vendors to promote their products and local business. We have great entertainment on stage with dancers, singers and live bands. We also have a soccer tournament to entertain the crowd.


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